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about us

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Gadabout is a New American restaurant with globally inspired cuisine & cocktails that use bold flavors & local produce. We here at Gadabout love community, food, drinks, respect, and sustainability.
Changing up the “norm” is what we’re all about.

our cuisine & beverage

At Gadabout we believe that street food is the culinary embodiment of a city’s culture.


Heading up the kitchen, husband and wife team Rolf and Meagan Pedersen draw inspiration from around the world to create elevated, non-traditional street food. The word “gadabout,” meaning a habitual, pleasure-seeking world traveler, is the essence of our menu that reflects a thoughtful convergence of cultures, a celebration of Chicago's rich diversity and a sense of approachable adventure. Our cuisine aims to evoke a feeling of playful nostalgia through the use of bold flavors and local produce. The beverage menu highlights small-batch spirits in vibrant cocktails. Our mission is to build a dynamic list of sustainable practices in our restaurant and throughout the community.

our sustainability practices

At Gadabout we use disposable straws made from biodegradable plant matter, and we have reusable straws for sale. If you bring in your straw, we will provide you with a dollar discount every time you visit! Our menus are printed in house using linen paper to reduce our impact on trees.


We source produce and proteins from local farms when possible to minimize the carbon footprint from our deliveries, and provide you with the best and freshest ingredients we can!

We also partner with small business that share our values of community, accountability, respect and sustainability. 

WasteNot Compost

WasteNot Compost

A Chicago Grown Company

#1 Composting service in the US with the mission to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases 


Blk and Bold 

Domestic Social Impact in Every Cup

5% of their profits are contributed to supporting at-risk youth locally and nationally

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The Movement Against Food Waste

An app that allows consumers to save perfectly good, surplus food from grocery stores & restaurants. Fighting food waste one plate at a time.

If you have suggestions for further means of being sustainable, or businesses we can partner with, please feel free to send a message our way!

in our house

Gadabout is a safe zone. If at any point you feel unsafe or uncomfortable, please flag down a member of our staff and we will do what we can to help. 

Our doors are open to those who seek adventure, those who wanderer in and those who are curious to explore. In our house we hope you'll gather with friends old & new, family far and near, have exciting date nights , game nights, anniversary's and celebrations.

Thank you for letting us serve you!

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